Social Card

The last business card your team will ever need.

Find out just how much better digital business cards can be for your team.

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Any platform, anywhere, anytime.

Life lives online, and so should your business cards. Social Card is compatible across the internet and all the devices your team uses.
Share your imprint on the internet

The power of the internet behind your business card.

Link to anywhere, or just the platforms that define your team and business. Sharing your organization's presence across the internet is crucial to generating meaningful leads.
For the planet

Recycle your paper business cards for good.

Social Card is here to do our part and here to help you do yours. The implementation of digital business cards across your organization supports the sustainable initiatives of modern business.

With your help, we can save 120,000 trees every year.
For health & safety

A completely contactless platform.

Use the power of the Social Card platform to continue networking without the need for physical contact. Start connecting with zero contact today.

Getting started is simple.

Conscious & Contactless.

Modern interactions & networking for the business world.