Digital Business Cards For Modern Teams

Social Card is a digital business card platform for tech-savvy businesses wanting to expand the ways they network in-person and online.

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A fundamentally different business card experience

In an increasingly digital business world, your networking tools need to keep pace. Transform your connections with digital business cards—ideal for enterprises, small businesses, and individuals alike. Join us in our mission to replace traditional paper business cards and embrace efficient, eco-friendly networking.

Share your information your way

The everywhere digital business card platform

Purpose-built for brand-focused companies, SOCIAL CARD, is the business card and networking platform that drives transformational shifts in how you start, grow, and scale your business's digital networking.

Supporting digital business cards for

Easily create, update, and distribute digital business cards at scale

Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, Social Card puts the power of digital networking in the pockets of your entire team. Social Card solves the business problems of business cards—all from one place.

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Focus time on the interactions, not the information

Give yourself the flexibility to network when, where, and how you want. You focus on making connections, and we'll handle sharing your information.

Take control of your digital presence, share your brand and employees with the world, and find answers in real conversations from across your network.

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Share your content anyway you'd like with 100+ options

All your phone numbers. All your emails. All your social media accounts. All on one central platform built to help your business grow it's digital networking footprint.

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because why not

Approximately 80% of business cards are lost or trashed within a week. We don't like that, and neither should you. There is no downside to going digital. Move your paper business cards online, into your phones, and across all the places and platforms you conduct business.

  • Zero paper, zero waste
  • Update anytime
  • More features, platforms, & content options
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