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Social Card is a digital business card platform for tech-savvy businesses wanting to expand the ways they network.

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Recycle your paper business cards for good

We've helped thousands around the world ditch their paper business cards.

A fundamentally different business card experience

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let the product do the talking.
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We provide a central platform

With the Social Card platform, you can create, update, and distribute your new digital business cards anywhere, anytime. Never again left with the traditional business card problem.
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You make it yours with custom branding

Modern business is about building a brand, and when brand equity is critical you need business cards that can keep up.
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Network as a team

Put the charm of your team at the front of your business, and let them shine like the stars that they are.
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Learn as you grow

Intuitive analytics that help tell your networking stories across the entire Social Card Platform.
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Digital business cards mean digital opportunity

Discover the next shift in your teams networking
Digital business cards available in all the places you do business.
Social Card platforms
Link to all the content, information, socials, tools, and platforms that are important to you.
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Template Builder
Set the stepping stones for all your team business cards with custom branded templates.
Build brand equity with controlled styles and branding.
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Social Card Editor
Make your business cards unique by using our industry leading editor.
Gain insights into your business cards performance across the platform.
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Start a department, add members, assign templates, create Social Cards, and network as a team.
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