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Dynamic QR Codes for any situation

There has never been a better time to build QR Codes into your business tool belt. Social Card puts the power and simplicity of modern QR codes right at your fingertips.

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dynamic qr codes

Dynamic QR Codes designed for your team

  • Brandable
  • Custom assets
  • Personalized for every team member
  • Link to anywhere
  • Interaction analytics
  • Real time updates
we make networking easy

Modern QR Codes

We provide the QR codes, and your team provides a purpose. From the real world to the digital world, rest assured your codes are ready to make connections for you.

print & signage

Print & Signage

purpose built qr codes

Digital Networking

A constant in a constantly changing world

Social Card QR Codes are dynamic, and built to remain constant no matter where you link them. Across all your devices, from print to signage, We've got you covered. Scannable online or in person, Social Card QR's are always ready when you need them.

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take charge

Take charge of the destination

You provide the destination, and we'll handle the rest. Link to any piece of content that is important to the work you do. From media to contact information, the options are limitless for your team.

Networking at scale made simple

Networking at scale can be challenging—especially when teams are doing business remote and online. Easily align your networking efforts across the company. Our clustering tools, central hub, template engine, and advanced controls make a challenging task simple.

networking at scale
branded QR


make it yours with custom branding

QR Codes are designed to be simple and functional, but that doesn't mean your brand can't join the fun. The Social Card platform makes your brand networking a priority.

  • Completely branded business cards
  • Custom colors
  • Custom media

Ready to ditch the paper today?