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Elevate Your Networking with QR Code Business Cards

Unlock superior networking experiences with Social Card's QR Code Business Cards. In today's digital age, QR codes offer a seamless bridge between the offline and online worlds. Discover the magic of dynamic, brand-aligned QR codes crafted with precision.

dynamic qr code business cards

QR business cards tailored for your team.

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Dynamic QR codes
With intelligent linking, these QR codes are always up-to-date and share your information no matter the medium.
Integrated branding
It's your brand. We'll help you keep it at the forefront so it can build brand equity with every interaction.
Custom media & dynamic layouts
Customize the finite layout of each QR code to make things pixel-perfect. Inset your logo to keep your brand top of mind.
Customized for each team member
Based on a single template, build QR codes unique to each team member in minutes.
Real time updates
When things change, we'll push the updated QR destination information right to every QR code.
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Modern QR Code Business Cards

From networking events to casual meetups, our QR codes ensure you’re always ready to connect. Whether you're presenting digitally or with print, our QR codes are designed to create lasting connections seamlessly.

print & signage

Print & Signage

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Digital Networking

A constant QR in a constantly changing workplace

Rely on Social Card's dynamic QR code business cards, designed to stay relevant regardless of how or where you use them. Be it on a digital device or printed on a physical card, your QR code will always be scannable and ready.

constant QR
dynamic qr destinations

Decide Where Your QR Code Leads

Have total control over your QR code destinations. Link to any piece of content that is important to the work you do. From media to contact information, the options are limitless for your team.

Streamlined Networking for Teams Big and Small

In-person or online, our QR code business cards simplify networking efforts company-wide. With advanced tools designed to make a challenging task simple at any scale.

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branded QR

Branded QR codes

Put Your Brand Front and Center with Custom QR Code Business Cards. While QR codes are inherently functional, your brand doesn’t have to take a back seat. With Social Card, ensure your QR code business cards reflect your brand's identity.

  • Business cards branded to perfection.
  • Choose custom colors that align with your style guide.
  • upload custom media for a richer experience.
  • Customize format and layout for optimized usage.
And So much more...

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