Apple Wallet

Digital business cards
for your Apple Wallet

Your mobile wallet needs a business card, and now you have one. The Social Card Wallet platform provides digital business cards that integrate right into the Apple Wallet of your entire team. Always one click away on all your iOS devices.

Now live on Google Wallet & Android!

social card Mobile Wallet platform

Your business card, but right inside your iPhone

social card mobile
Native Apple Wallet integration
Integrate your business cards natively into your Apple Wallet, and access it like an airline boarding pass.
Integrated branding
It's your brand. We'll help you keep it at the forefront so it can build brand equity with every interaction.
Custom media
Your logo puts a face to the brand, and your headshot puts a face to your name. A dynamic duo of networking!
Customized for each team member
Based on a single template, customize apple wallet business cards for your entire team in minutes.
Real time updates
When things change, we'll push the updated information or branding right into your Apple Wallet.
wE make networking easy

Mobile Wallet Integration

No apps, links, or accounts necessary. Once you add your Social Card to your Mobile Wallet, you can effortlessly use and share it across all your devices just like a digital boarding pass.

Apple Wallet support

Apple Wallet Support

Google Wallet support

Google Wallet Support

Your iPhone is so much better than paper ever could be

Wherever you go, your business card goes. With a quick click, you can share your contact information, website, or socials with your new connections from right inside your Apple Wallet.

recycle paper business cards
social card brand integration

Your brand, business card, and phone in collaboration

Make it yours with custom branding. Features designed with brand focused business in mind, merge your brand and business cards in a modern digital format.

Networking at scale made simple

Networking at scale can be challenging—especially when teams are doing business remote and online. Easily align your networking efforts across the company. Our clustering tools, central hub, template engine, and advanced controls make a challenging task simple.

social card cluster tool
And So much more...

A custom web page for each team member.

Ready to ditch the paper today?