Web Pages

Network on the web with a link in bio for business teams.

With web based business cards, your team can take their networking anywhere they do business online. All with one simple link!

social card web platform

A web page business card for the task at hand.

web powered business cards
Web based digital business cards
The power of the web behind your business card, and always ready to make the introduction for you!
Integrated branding
It's your brand. We'll help you keep it at the forefront so it can build brand equity with every interaction.
Custom media
Your logo puts a face to the brand, and your headshot puts a face to your name. A cover photo combines the two!
Customized for each team member
Based on a single template, build web-based business cards unique to each team member in minutes.
Real time updates
When things change, we'll immediately push the updated information or branding to each card.
wE make networking easy

Link in bio business cards

The internet is vast, and modern business happens all around the web. With the Social Card web platform, you can interact, engage, and connect with potential clients across the internet. Be reachable anywhere on the internet with a personal URL.

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Social Media Bios

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Internal Websites

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One page for all your networking links

Web pages offer a versatile platform for sharing essential information tailored to your interaction needs.

Whether it's introducing yourself with contact details, product summaries, and informative links, or advancing sales with in-depth product insights, calls to action, and demo links, these pages are designed to adapt to various professional scenarios effectively.

share anything
share web pages anywhere

Share your web pages anywhere

When interacting with clients online, your ability to subtly share all the information needed quickly, without hassle can impact the relationship value.

With Social Card web pages, your team members can own personalized web pages to share across their business platforms.

  • Network in social media bio's & DM's
  • Network via email & messaging platforms
  • Share your link in memos & documents
  • Or anywhere else you can share a URL

Web pages for your entire team

Quickly spin up a unique and custom web page for each team member with links, URLs, and media.

With Social Card, you can rest assured that your networking efforts stay aligned across the team and company.

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social card design editor

Branded web pages beautifully aligned with your organization

Modern business is about building a brand; when brand equity is critical, you need business cards that keep up with your brand efforts.

The Social Card web platform makes it easy to shorten the distance between your brand, team, and business cards with detailed brand-integrated web pages.

  • Completely branded web pages
  • Custom colors
  • Custom media
  • Custom styling, shapes, & shadows
  • Branded domains (coming soon)
And So much more...

Native business cards in your mobile wallet.

Let the web help your networking!