Social Card FOR Marketers

Digital business cards for marketing teams

Social Card puts the power of digital business cards behind your team of marketers and collaborating departments to power up your sustainable networking goals.

digital business cards for marketers

What you can do with Social Card

Recycle your paper business cards for good

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, Social Card powers the tech behind your business cards, letting you focus on building brand equity, generating leads, and growing your team's professional network.

Digital business cards
recycle paper business cards
branded business cards

Integrate your brand

When competition is tough, the way, your team represents your brand matters. With Social Card, you can now access the tools necessary to merge your brand and business cards across every platform you do business.

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Go paperless, because why not?

Approximately 80% of business cards are lost or trashed within a week. We don't like that, and neither should you. Marketing, digital networking, and business relationships have moved online. Put your business cards in your digital marketing tool belt today and reap the modern rewards.

  • Zero paper, zero waste
  • Update anytime
  • More features, platforms, & content options
paperless business cards
Mobile Wallet business cards

Build business cards for your mobile wallets

Unlock marketing in person right from your smartphones. Move your business card from your pocket wallet to your Mobile Wallet. No more "I wish I had my business card." now your phone is all you need.

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Improve your teams presence online

Your most important people can now make connections across the places you do business online. The opportunities are limitless on the web, and we are here to help you take advantage. Social Card web pages pair your brand and employees into a marketing powerhouse across the web.

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web powered business cards
dynamic email signatures

Power up your email signatures

Social Card email signatures provide a personalized, sleek, and branded touch to every email your team sends. Add a personal touch to email campaigns and offer an immediate and measurable point of contact with every email.

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Build delightfully simple dynamic QR Codes

All hail the QR code, the weird black squares that automagically take you places online. Like the swiss army knife of networking, dynamic QR codes put the content most important to you & your business just a scan away. Always ready when and where you might need it.

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purpose built qr codes

Ready to ditch the paper today?