Social Card FOR Marketers

Digital business cards for marketing teams

Discover how Social Card redefines professional networking, offering a seamless platform to create, manage, and distribute branded digital business cards. Ideal for businesses aiming to enhance their marketing strategies and streamline outbound communication.

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Create pixel-perfect templates for your brand

Tools For Marketers

A business card platform built for your marketers

When integrated into your workflow as a tool like any marketing software, Social Card elevates the top of your funnels, offering a modern, innovative approach to engagement, lead generation, and brand building.
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Brand Integration

Elevate your networking with business cards that mirror your marketing efforts. Utilize brand customization tools to ensure each card embodies the brand equity you've meticulously cultivated.
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Employee Marketing

Transform your employees into brand ambassadors at the top of your marketing funnel. By leveraging digital business cards, your team can personify your brand, forge genuine connections, and enhance accessibility.
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Eco-Friendly Networking

Support your brand's commitment to sustainability with paperless business cards, reducing waste while maximizing your networking reach and impact in an environmentally conscious manner.

Real-Time Synchronization

Stay ahead with business cards that update instantly, keeping pace with your dynamic marketing campaigns and ensuring your team presents a unified brand front at every touchpoint.
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Available where your work happens

Platforms that adapt to wherever your team networks. Fit to your business, not the other way around.

Web Pages

Networking with more than just a 'link in bio'. Web-based business cards empower your team with a custom landing page for their contact details and business information.

QR Codes

interactive QR codes connect you to diverse content, anywhere and at any time, ensuring you're always primed for key interactions.

Email Signatures

Transform every email into a branded masterpiece. Infuse each message with a unique, professional flair, guaranteeing that your team's communications consistently make an impact.

Mobile Wallet

Effortlessly integrate your business card into your phone's wallet app. With native support for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, your team is always prepared for unexpected networking opportunities.
Bye paper

We've made your business networking cool again.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let the product do the talking.

Recycle your paper business cards for good

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, Social Card powers the tech behind your business cards, letting you focus on building brand equity, generating leads, and growing your team's professional network.

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Marketing, Branding, & Networking in one

When competition is tough, the way, your team represents your brand matters. With Social Card, you can now access the tools necessary to merge your brand and business cards across every platform you do business.

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Go paperless, because why not?

Approximately 80% of business cards are lost or trashed within a week. We don't like that, and neither should you. Marketing, digital networking, and business relationships have moved online. Put your business cards in your digital marketing tool belt today and reap the modern rewards.

  • Zero paper, zero waste
  • Update anytime
  • More features, platforms, & content options
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Ready to go ditch the paper today?