Social Card For individuals

The Apple Wallet Business Card.

Join thousands of people already using Social Card to change the way they network.

Social Card redefines the business card.

It’s a weird time, but we are here to help keep the world moving the best that we can. Social Card is a first of its kind contactless business card. Start connecting with zero contact today!
Social Card is


The first Apple Wallet business card.
Life lives online, so why shouldn’t your business cards! Social Card can replace and evolve all forms of your traditional business card.
Social Card is


Simple intuitive design.
Quickly share vast amounts of unique information about yourself. Share contact info, socials, business info, websites, resumes, and more. The creative possibilities are endless for your Social Cards.
Social Card is

Socially Conscious.

Zero paper, zero waste!
Your Social Cards are digital and won’t ever be wasted. Evolve them with you or your brand, and immediately share with your network.
Always Connect

Social Cards live in your Apple Wallet.

Share What you want

More than just a business card.

designed for customization

Customize to suit you, your brand, or your business.

designed for customization

Add images to your Social Card to help represent yourself or your brand.

Color customization

Make your Social Card standout with custom colors.

Link to anywhere

Share your socials with one of our supported methods. Or add your own.

Bring your team onboard with Social Card Enterprise.

More Platforms.
Digital business cards across all the platforms your team uses.
Custom Branding.
Customize and control your brand integration.
Gain insights into how your team networks & learn what works best.
Social Card Enterprise was built to help teams modernize their networking.