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What is Social Card?
Social Card is the new age way for you to compactly share all your information. Social Card is a digital representation of you, your brand, or anything else. Social Card was built for business owners, social influencers, and everyone in between with the common goal of modernizing the way you share your information.
How do I use Social Card?
First things first, download the Social Card app on the iOS App Store. The Social Card app is where you create and manage the content of your cards. You can see example Social Cards here. Once you successfully create your Social Cards, you can add it to your wallet and start sharing!

How do I share my Social Card?
Once you make a new Social Card, make sure to add it to your wallet (this will save it to your phone inside of your Apple Wallet.). You can then share your Social Card and the information on it in many ways. The card lives in your wallet and can be shared directly to anyone with a iPhone, or indirectly to any phone.

Your card can be airdropped to any iPhone with airdrop turned on.

iMessage: You can also share them with iMessage.

Email: Social Cards can be attached to an email directly from your wallet.

QR Sharing: Your QR info can be shared by simply scanning the code with most any smartphone or supporting QR scanner.
How do I connect social media accounts to my Social Cards QR Code?
You can connect your social profiles directly to the QR code of your Social Card. Meaning anytime the QR code is scanned it will redirect directly to your selected social profile.
  • 1
    Navigate to the "QR Setup" page.
  • 2
    You will see two options for QR code setup. The first option is connecting a social account, and the second option is connecting your contact info.
  • 3
    To connect your LinkedIn profile, click the "ADD SOCIAL INFO" button, and you will be redirected to the social selection page.
  • 4
    From here select the social icon you want to add (LinkedIn in this scenario).
  • 5
    A dialog will appear asking you to input your LinkedIn USERNAME (typically your name). Input that information and click "SAVE".
  • 6
    Your QR code is now set up to connect with your LinkedIn profile.
  • 7
    Complete the card, navigate to your Apple Wallet, Click the dots in the top right, and (if changes were made) pull to refresh/update your card.
How do I connect social media accounts to my Social Cards Backfields?
You can also connect social media accounts to the back of your Social Cards as further details/information. This is helpful when you have multiple accounts.
  • 1
    Navigate to the "Card Backfields" page.
  • 2
    Click the + icon on the bottom of the menu.
  • 3
    Here it will ask you to select what type of information you'd like to add to the back of your card. Select "Add A Social Account" for this scenario.
  • 4
    Select the LinkedIn icon (LinkedIn in this scenario, but same process applies.).
  • 5
    Enter a label. Something like "Connect on LinkedIn" works well.
  • 6
    Below that enter your LinkedIn USERNAME (typically your name). Click "Save"
  • 7
    Complete the card, navigate to your Apple Wallet, Click the dots in the top right, and (if changes were made) pull to refresh/update your card.
I updated my Social Card in the app, but the changes aren’t seen in my Apple Wallet?
When you make any changes, corrections, or updates to your Social Card there are two valid ways to update the card across you and your network’s devices. With just a simple refresh, all your information is updated.
  • 1
    Open the “Wallet” app on your phone, navigate to the Social Card you updated, click the three dots in the top right to view the back, & do a simple drag down to refresh. You will see the information update along with a “last updated” timestamp change.
  • 2
    If the above doesn’t seem to work you can simply click the “remove pass” button on the back of your Social Card, and then re-add it to your wallet from within the Social Card app.
What's the difference between the FREE & PREMIUM Social Cards?
Social Card was built to allow you to design your cards however you'd like, but there are a few important differences between the FREE Social Card and our PREMIUM Social Cards.


Your account comes pre-loaded with one FREE social card to give you a taste of how cool Social Card is! Your FREE card comes with the below features.

  • Use the social template or business template.
  • Pick from 50 pre-selected colors.
  • Add a custom thumbnail image.
  • Custom QR code.
  • Add three custom backfields.
  • One FREE card update.


Our PREMIUM cards were designed for those looking to further customize and expand their cards for a specific purpose whether business or pleasure! PREMIUM cards come with all features above, and include unlimited personalization options.
  • Add custom colors of your choosing to fit you or your brand!
  • Remove the Social Card logo, or replace it with your own!
  • UNLIMITED custom backfields... or so we think! Try it out.
  • Two FREE card updates!

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