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Social Card works

You control the branding, content, and media; We handle the backend. With Social Card, you'll manage your team's digital business cards without the hassle or headache of traditional design and distribution at scale.


Create pixel-perfect templates for your brand

Step One

Craft a pixel-perfect template for your brand

Leverage Social Card's visual editors to create stunning, brand-aligned templates in minutes. Create templates with a purpose for every occasion, ensuring your business cards impress at marketing events, meetings, and more. Quickly adapt to branding changes with flexible brand, content, and management tools.
social card template editor

Enhanced Brand Customization

Unlock complete creative freedom with extensive customization options. Style your cards perfectly with colors, media, shapes, and shadows, reflecting your brand's unique identity.
template brand customization

Real-Time Previews

Instantly visualize your designs with live previews, ensuring your template changes are exactly as you envisioned.
template email signature preview

Complete Control Over Links

For total customization, modify every aspect of your card links. Tailor them with over 100 link options, including internal marketing content, scheduling links, and more, guaranteeing each card perfectly aligns with your objectives.
template type change

Effortless Brand and Content Updates

Ensure your team's digital business cards remain fresh and aligned with your brand's evolution. Real-time brand refresh tools provide instant updates, keeping the latest information ready across your organization's cards.
template change review

Create pixel-perfect templates for your brand

Step Two

Create easy to manage contact profiles for your team

Recipient profiles make it easy to create, manage, and update business cards for your entire team on the fly with just a few clicks. Your workspace admins can update recipients anytime and have contact information changes synced to team member cards at anytime.
workspace recipients

Bulk Upload

Effortlessly manage networking information across large teams by uploading recipient details in bulk, ensuring quick and uniform business card creation from the start.
recipient bulk upload

Real-Time Sync

Ensure your team's contact information, job titles, and more are always up to date across all their cards with real-time card sync.
sync iconrecipient sync view

Custom Attributes

Leverage custom fields in your recipients' profiles to integrate unique content links that align with your sales, marketing, or networking needs.
custom recipient attributes

Simple Recipient Management

Social Card enables you to manage your recipients, their active business cards, and contact information from one place. Simplifying management and ensuring consistency in your networking efforts.
recipient management

Create pixel-perfect templates for your brand

Step Three

Create business cards for your entire team

With Social Card, you can effortlessly modernize your team's networking capabilities by creating, managing, and distributing business cards.
digital business card editor

Dynamic Card Platforms

Business cards available on the platforms that make your business grow. Social Card is ready to handle every networking opportunity with tools across the web, mobile wallets, QR codes, and email signatures.
card platforms

Personalized Cards

Customize each card for a personal touch, reflecting each team member's unique role and contact point. Include the basics, plus socials, media, calendars, and more.
digital business card personalization

Easy Updates

Make simple card detail changes at anytime, and sync them in real-time to your team members card devices and platforms.
card update sync

Clusters & Batches

Leverage bulk card creation tools to quickly set up 10, 20, or 100+ digital business cards in minutes. Generate cards for departments or your entire team simultaneously. Batching ensures scalability without redundancy.
batched business cards

Create pixel-perfect templates for your brand

Step Four

Distribute to your team and start networking

Efficiently distribute your digital business cards to your team with just a click, email, or share. No app downloads required – team members can immediately access their cards on any device, ensuring seamless and instant networking.
social card distribution view

Simple Email Distribution

No more print & shipping! Get your cards out to your team with just an email. Then they can decide how and where they add them to their devices and networking efforts.
distribution email

Access Anywhere & Anyway

Distribution tools built to make accessing your digital business cards functional and easy across all the devices and platforms your team networks.
distribution platforms
paper airplane

Create pixel-perfect templates for your brand

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