Paperless Business Cards: Zero Paper, Zero Waste

Recycle your paper business card for good, go green, and gain a networking advantage at your next event with paperless digital business cards.

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Approximately 80% of paper business cards are lost or trashed within a week. We don't like that, and neither should you. There is no downside to going digital. Move your paper business cards online, into your phones, and across all the places and platforms you conduct business.

  • A step closer to a greener business
  • Update and push changes in real-time
  • More features, platforms, & content options
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Modern Tools for a Seamless Green Transition

A switch to paperless business cards shouldn't be a hassle. Social Card allows you to manage cards, branding, distribution, and updates for your team from one central platform.

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Platforms that put paper in the past

Platforms expertly crafted to give your team the best networking experience—no paper required! Web pages for online connections, mobile wallet cards for in person, email signatures for every email you send, and QR codes for everything else.

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Paper Vs. Pixels

Lets compare the difference between digital business card and their traditional paper alternative.

Traditional (Paper)

Digital (Paperless)

Ongoing printing and design costs.
Flexible pricing for teams of all sizes.
Environmental Impact
Large carbon footprint due to paper usage, ink, and transportation.
Eco-friendly; reduces paper waste and carbon footprint.
Single use per card.
Unlimited uses per card.
Design and Customization
Requires reprinting for any brand updates or change of information.
Easily update and sync brand changes at any time without additional cost.
Can only be shared in person or via mail. Limited reach.
Can be shared digitally anywhere, anytime, increasing reach and networking opportunities.
Easy to lose or misplace; recipients might not have them on hand when needed.
Instant contact sharing with no paper trail. Nothing to lose or misplace.
One-size-fits-all; difficult to tailor for different events or contacts.
Cross platform, advanced templating, updates, and content controls.
Networking Efficiency
Dependent on physical presence; potential missed opportunities.
Enhances networking efficiency through quick and easy sharing.

Transparent Pricing

Consistent pricing

Whether you’re a team of two or 200, our pricing scales with your card count—no more painful printing processes.

More value for less

Four networking platforms, branded templates, recipients, base cards, unlimited updates & sharing— all included in your plan.

No contracts

There's no red tape; sign up and go. Manage your subscription and change plans at any time.


Billed monthly.

For small teams

  • Up to 15 business cards
  • Up to 15 recipient profiles
  • One brand template
  • Unlimited card sharing
  • Advanced card management

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