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Social Card vs. Blinq

Quick to set up and user-friendly, Social Card empowers growing businesses to foster genuine connections with their customers through scalable digital interactions via brand-focused digital business cards.

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Let's Compare

Why choose Social Card over B?

Blinq is a stable tool, and it can do a lot. Like Social Card, their goal is to help rid the world of paper business cards, and we commend them for that.

However, while Blinq has made strides, their broad approach often overlooks the specialized demands of brand-centric businesses. Unlike the one-size-fits-all model, Social Card offers a tailored solution designed for businesses that prioritize brand integrity and memorable interactions.

With these tools, it's not just about exchanging information—it's about enhancing every touchpoint and fostering genuine connections.

If you're ready to elevate your business interactions to the next level, Social Card is the way forward.

Social Card

Create pixel-perfect templates for your brand

A Focus on your team

A business card platform built for your team

Social Card elevates how your brand interacts with the market at marketing events, expos, and chance interactions—adding a branded layer to the top of your funnels, offering a modern, innovative approach to engagement, lead generation, and brand building with a platform focused on your jobs to be done.
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Web Pages

Networking with more than just a 'link in bio'. Web-based business cards empower your team with a custom landing page for their contact details and business information.

QR Codes

interactive QR codes connect you to diverse content, anywhere and at any time, ensuring you're always primed for key interactions.

Email Signatures

Transform every email into a branded masterpiece. Infuse each message with a unique, professional flair, guaranteeing that your team's communications consistently make an impact.

Mobile Wallet

Effortlessly integrate your business card into your phone's wallet app. With native support for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, your team is always prepared for unexpected networking opportunities.
For your business

Why Social Card's the right choice?

Our product's built for growing teams like yours. We also think we’re the way to go if you want...

Real-Time Sync

Instantly update branding and team member information in realtime across all workspace cards.

Efficient Distribution

Distribute cards at scale or one by one. With full control over platforms and access across your workspace.

Bulk Upload

Seamlessly import from 100 to 1000+ team members using our bulk CSV tools and tailored forms.

Clusters & Batches

Generate cards for departments or your entire workforce simultaneously. Batching ensures scalability without redundancy.

Team Collaboration

Bring everyone on board, from design and marketing to HR and management.

Brand Customization

Your business, your rules. Delve into unparalleled customization – from media and design to platforms and links.

To get started quickly

Start networking in minutes, no need for sales demos. Try things our for yourself immediately.

Scalable & steady pricing

Don’t worry about surprise price hikes or upsells. Clear pricing is part of our philosophy, so you don’t waste time.

Concierge level support

Our mighty team of business card experts are ready to help with every step of your experience from the jump.
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Unhappy with Blinq?

We support our customers on their journey — if your team is on another platform, our digital business card experts are here to help make the switch seamless for your team (at no extra cost)! Switch to Social Card and see why customers who switched from another platform joined us for a better, branded business card experience.

You're in Good Company
Bye paper

We've made your business networking cool again.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let the product do the talking.
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Integrate your brand into all your digital networking efforts

Keep your brand image in the hands of your team when it matters most. With Social Card, your business cards maintain the equity you built for your brand.

Access a growing set of custom branding tools today!

Go paperless, because why not?

Approximately 80% of business cards are lost or trashed within a week. We don't like that, and neither should you. There is no downside to going digital. Move your paper business cards online, into your phones, and across all the places and platforms you conduct business.

  • Zero paper, zero waste
  • Update anytime
  • More features, platforms, & content options
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bulk team digital business cards using recipient profiles

Create digital business cards for your whole team—at scale.

We've put the tools in place, so you don't have to. Worry about what matters to your business; we'll help you create, distribute, and manage digital business cards for your entire team.

Pricing For Teams

Consistent pricing

Whether you’re a team of two or 200, our pricing scales gradually with your card count—no constant bill changes.

More value for less

Four networking platforms, branded templates, recipients, base cards, unlimited updates & sharing— all included in your plan.

No contracts

There's no red tape; sign up and go. Manage your subscription and change plans at any time.


Billed monthly.

For small teams

  • Up to 15 business cards
  • Up to 15 recipient profiles
  • One brand template
  • Unlimited card sharing
  • Advanced card management
But that's not all...

Become an expert on digital business cards

Don’t take our word for it. Try for yourself!