Your new digital business card

Your paper business cards just can't cut it anymore. Digital business cards put your business cards online, so you never miss an opportunity to network again.

  • Increase networking opportunities
  • Improve interaction quality & value
  • Reduce your paper consumption
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The big picture

What even are
digital business cards?

A digital business card (also known as virtual business card, social media business card, or virtual contact card) is the digital version of your paper business card powered by modern technology and platforms.

With the ever-expanding role of technology in business, the need for digital networking tools, enhanced interactions, and information sharing has become a necessity for success.

Who doesn't use their cell phone for business these days? Many people are running entire businesses from their phones.

The goal of digital business cards is to merge the traditions of the business card with the tools and platforms that dominate modern business (and the places your clients work). This modernization was made possible by drastic improvements in technology, peer-to-peer interaction, and global initiatives to modernize businesses (think green).

Read our full guide to digital business cards to learn more about the value, relevancy, and use cases of a business-wide implementation and how that translates across your team.

Built to help your team ditch their paper business cards for good.

The Apple Wallet business card

Move your business card from your pocket wallet to your mobile wallet. The Social Card Apple Wallet integration has helped thousands worldwide digitize their business cards.

We'll be coming to Android soon!

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Social Card Web Pages

Think, a link in bio, but built for networking teams. Social Card web pages put the power of the web behind your team of sellers, marketers, makers, and more. Your most important people can now make connections across the places you do business online.

More About Web Pages

Email Signatures

Yeah, we all hate email, but it's one of the best tools in any business. We’d call it a love-hate relationship, but would you believe us if we said over 300+ billion emails are sent every day? It’d be a shame not to include your business & contact information in each one you send!

Social Card email signatures provide a personalized, sleek, and branded touch to every email your team sends.

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QR Codes

All hail the QR code, the weird black squares that automagically take you places online. Like the swiss army knife of networking, dynamic QR codes put the content most important to you & your business just a scan away. Always ready when and where you might need it.

Learn About QR Codes

Don’t take our word for it. Try for yourself!