Email signature based business cards

The business world runs on email, so why not use it as networking tool? Email signature business cards add networking interactions to the bottom of every email your team sends with dynamic links & branded elements.

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Your business card included in every email.

dynamic email signatures
Seamless email client integration
HTML email signatures designed to integrate minimally and responsively into your email client.
Integrated branding
It's your brand. We'll help you keep it at the forefront so it can build brand equity with every interaction.
Custom media
Your logo puts a face to the brand, and your headshot puts a face to your name. Add a touch of personality to each email.
Customized for each team member
Based on a single template, build email signatures unique to each team member in minutes.
Quick links and a call to action
Enhance email interactions with straightforward, quick links and a compelling call to action.
we make networking easy

Upgraded email signatures

The same email with new standards. Social Card email signatures are optimized to present your brand and team efficiently in every email you send.

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Cross compatability

adaptive email signatures

Adaptive layout

Functional Email Signatures

Social Card email signatures are optimized to integrate with all the email tools your team uses. Across all your devices, your team will have email signatures that are ready to go.

branded email signatures
content options

The right information at the right time

When people check their email, you only have a brief moment for them to take action. Provide bite size information or prompt your email recipients to take action with a bold message and unique content.

Networking at scale made simple

Networking at scale can be challenging—especially when teams are doing business remote and online. Easily align your networking efforts across the company. Our clustering tools, central hub, template engine, and advanced controls make a challenging task simple.

Email signatures at scale
branded email signatures

Your brand, business card, and email in collaboration

Make it yours with custom branding. Features designed with brand focused business in mind, merge your brand and business cards in a modern digital format.

And So much more...

Native business cards in your mobile wallet.

Grow your network from your email!