How it works

Take The First Step in a greener direction

Download the app.

The Social Card app is where it all starts. You use the Social Card app the create, manage, and update your cards!
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Step Two

Get FREE stuff.

When you create a Social Card account, you get one FREE Social Card & one FREE Social Card Update. We do this to allow you to immediately access the product and try it out for yourself.
Step Three

Start building.

Once you’ve successfully created your account, it’s time to build your first Social Card. Social Card is dynamic and can support most forms of information from basic contact info to entire resumes. Your Social Cards can also support headshots, logos, and social media accounts.

Create your Social Card.

This part's easy! Once you’ve added all the information, links, images, and more to your new Social Card, all thats left to do is the magic on our end! Magic? Don’t worry about it.

Design something cool and share it with #socialcardapp to be featured.
Step Five: This One is important

Add it to your Apple Wallet.

Yay! Your new card is done and almost ready to help you build your brand, business, or influence. When your card is complete, add it to your Apple Wallet. This is where it will live and where you will share it with others! Once inside your Apple Wallet, your new Social Card can be interacted with like any other item in the wallet. This is where your cards live and where the cards others share with you live.

Once added to your Apple Wallet you can access and share your card from any device associated with your Apple Id. For more on how the Apple Wallet works see the Apple support document below.
Step six

Start sharing.

You’re all done! Now your card is in your Apple Wallet and ready to be shared with the world. Send your Social Cards to others via Airdrop, iMessage, Email, or QR. You can even share info using your Apple Watch.When you share your card with someone they have the option of adding it to their own Apple Wallet. Once they have added it they can interact with your information directly, and keep your Social Card for future reference.
STEP SEVEN: Time for an upgrade

Get premium Social Cards.

Though the FREE Social Card in your account comes with many features, Premium Social Cards give you unlimited access to all the varying features available to help make your cards meet your needs. A premium Social Card can be anything you want and will support almost any information allowing you to tailor it to fit you.
Last, but not least

Make changes.

Your professional life is constantly evolving, and so should your business card. With Social Card, gone are the days of hundreds of wasted business cards because your job title, phone number, company, email, or other information has changed. Social Card supports making continuous updates to your Social Cards which are then automatically shared with everyone who you’ve shared the card with.

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