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The Social Card Public Beta

We are overjoyed to announce the launch of the Social Card public beta to the world.

We are overjoyed to announce the launch of the Social Card public beta to the world.

The wait is finally over friends. It has been a long time coming, about ten months to be exact(ish). From the day we decided to take on this large challenge to where we are today has been an incredible journey. I hope the community, as well as those who have been waiting so patiently, are as excited as I am (if that's even possible)!

When I first started working on Social Card it was a simple idea. Take the power of the business card and digitize it in a useful manner. To me, that meant something which would seamlessly integrate into your everyday life so you could in a sense forget about it. Simple right? No app required or physical cards, I wanted something that was always there waiting for the moment I needed it. The challenge was finding the perfect blend between tradition and tech.

Let's take a step back into my first internship in the world of business. I was naive and eager to meet and interact with everyone at the company, and of course that came with an overwhelmingly large number of introductions, generic business cards, and the standard "If you ever need X while you're here...". I remember ending onboarding with a folder full of business cards, and no real memory of each interaction. You're probably waiting for the super suspenseful "Aha!" moment, be patient it's coming. Ten weeks later, I was preparing to leave and there they were, a pile of business cards.

"Aha!" time... Say it with me now "There has got to be a better way".

The real "Aha!" moment came months later. Our phones! You know, the thing that's always with us everywhere we go no matter what. One thought later and it hit me, use the Apple Wallet on the back of tech giant Apple to build a digital business card that is always one click away, and thus Social Card was born.

Okay, nostalgia aside now was the hard part. Figuring out if this was something people would adopt, and where it would be most useful. The paper business card is a legendary trademark of all businesses. It's a formality that's been around for centuries with very little change over that time. A digital business card was not in any means a new idea, but integrating it into the Apple Wallet was. Was this the seamless step needed to make digital business cards the new standard, and finally replace an archaic tradition of business? Only time would tell.

We aren't all the way there yet, but after thousands of Social Cards, a few sleepless nights, and now the launch of the Social Card Enterprise Platform, I hope you'll join us, and those around the world take another step towards a green digital future.

The Social Card Web Platform.

The Social Card Apple Wallet Platform.

The Social Card Email Signature Platform.

The Social Card QR Platform.

Teams, Platform, and Purpose

We've evolved a lot since the original Social Card. This platform is a tool, but one that will never be static. I believe in the evolution of a product and hope to be the opposite of the traditional business card. A few things have stayed at the forefront of importance to us from the start of this project.


Expanding the Social Card platform with teams large and small in mind. We wanted to make the process easy for teams to create and manage branded digital business cards. Beyond the peace of mind of team management, we went one step further with Departments. Social Card Departments seeks to help bring your teams closer to the customer, and help foster relationships both internal and external. Putting the power of your team behind your business from the very first interaction.


We love the integration we've built with the Apple Wallet, but knew it wasn't broad enough. We've expanded Social Card to four platforms (Web, Apple Wallet, Email, and QR) each with several valuable use cases that you'll help us expand on. We're happy with where we are right now, but our roadmap is vast with ideas for ways to expand and evolve with you across all the platforms you do business.


We wanted to build a product with a dynamic purpose. From our mission to do our part in ridding the world of paper business cards, to features like the Analytics Engine which was built to help provide another layer of data stories to your funnel.

I've seen many of the incredible things individuals have done with the Social Card platform, and I'm ready to see what teams can do with our products. We've had a lot of help along the way and couldn't have done it without the support of our loving families, helpful friends, and the thousands of people who have created Social Cards to date.

Without further a due, the wait is finally over. We are so excited to announce the release of the Social Card Public Beta. It's quick and easy to get started on your own, but we're happy to talk more about what Social Card can do for you and your team. So contact us if you need anything!

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